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Running an eCommerce store takes a lot more than just luck. Even if you have high conversion rates and impressive prices, you know it was all a result of your hard work and dedication. Sure, everyone could use a little luck every now and then, but it’s definitely not something to rely on, especially in eCommerce. So instead of crossing your fingers and waiting for a leprechaun to fall into your lap, try checking out Wiser’s new eBook How to Master Retail’s Top 5 Priorities in 2016.

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The eCommerce industry is growing at an incredibly fast rate, and it’s up to retailers to keep up or get left in the dust. Wiser’s eBook narrows down 5 major priorities retailers have to take into consideration in 2016 in order to get ahead of the growth curve. From pricing to channel management, Wiser’s eBook has everything retailers need to win in 2016.

As eCommerce grows, so too does the number of available selling channels for retailers to reach the consumer on. Now is the time for retailers to really improve the customer experience across every channel, making sure they present a seamless experience that will keep customers coming back. Mobile influences 93% of purchases made across channels and will lead to $1 trillion in spending for US brick and mortar retailers in 2016 –will you be ready?

As the number of channels grows, it’s important for retailers to remember two little words that carry great importance: price parity. Don’t have different prices on your channels, as it can really upset customers who paid more on a channel than it was listed on another. Price parity can also get you into trouble with whatever marketplace you’re selling on, as some have price parity policies you have to abide by.

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Pricing in general is evolving in 2016. The days of static prices online are over, and price optimization is a major key to success in online retail. It goes without saying, but competing directly on price against retailers like Amazon is a lot of work. It’s time to price smarter, not harder, and price optimization makes that much more feasible.

To get more tips like these, and learn how to implement winning strategies in 2016, check out our free eBook here.

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