This Week in Retail – Episode 34


China’s largest e-retailer,, announced this week that it was opening its first of its US offices in silicon valley. The office will focus on developing new technology in areas like cloud services, mobile apps, and business intelligence. The reason for its opening in silicon valley makes sense. The area of the country is a huge talent farm for developers of cloud software. The company also hopes that the US office will attract more American brands to sell online in China.

Shopify merchants will now have the ability to deliver products to their customers faster than ever. They have partnered up with Uber to offer affordable, same-day delivery for retailers of all sizes. UberRUSH is going to use Uber drivers to pick up an item and hand deliver it to the customer anywhere in the city. As of right now the service is available in New York, San Francisco, and Chicago. But keep your eyes peeled, they’re looking to expand to more cities very soon.



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Arie Shpanya

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