WisePricer Now Supports Channel Advisor

Everyday, WisePricer is becoming more compatible with eCommerce platforms to serve a wider customer base.

We are proud to announce that we are fully compatible with ChannelAdvisor, a cloud-based eCommerce solution (SaaS) for multiple retail channels.

We love ChannelAdvisor because it allows retailers the ability sell across several outlets, from online stores to online marketplaces. Like WisePricer, ChannelAdvisor serves as a powerful management tool to connect online retailers with multiple selling platforms.

WisePricer allows ChannelAdvisor retailers to monitor, compare and reprice their products in one place, regardless of how many selling channels they have.

ChannelAdvisor is only growing in popularity, reaching $2.8 billion in gross merchandise value (GMV) back in 2010. They are not only providing various outlets for their retailers to sell, but also to market their businesses.

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Arie Shpanya

Arie is the COO, Executive Chairman, and Co-Founder of Wiser, a dynamic pricing and merchandising engine for online retailers and brands. He has extensive experience in business development with a focus on eCommerce (eBay and Amazon), and is a guest blogger on Econsultancy, VentureBeat, and more.