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4 Reasons to Use Mobile Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing can be defined as outsourcing tasks to a versatile crowd (a group of people) using an open call for participation and information. With this in mind, Mobile Crowdsourcing is the front runner when it comes to collecting real-time data from stores nationwide. While crowdsourcing is not a new phenomenon, the technology behind mobile platforms has created a new use for a timeless data gathering solution. Leveraging the knowledge of consumers to enhance overall performance is the best way to produce the greatest results.

Crowdsourcing is unparalleled when it comes to gathering accurate and useful information. Mobile crowdsourcing has taken that a step further. Connecting consumers and businesses through their mobile device can offer access to fast insights from the shopper’s perspective. Here are the top four reasons to use Mobile Crowdsourcing platforms:

1.  Fast Insights into Store Conditions

Right now, you can’t be in two places at once. Luckily, your customers can be your eyes and ears into thousands of stores across the country. Shoppers can uncover the truth about how products are being represented in stores. What we’ve found over the years is that what we expect to be seen in stores is often very different from the actual retail conditions. These differences could determine whether you make the sale or not. In order to catch these discrepancies before they have an impact on your business, you need reliable data now.

With mobile mystery shopping platforms, results begin coming in within hours of opening a crowdsourcing survey to the public. Wiser’s surveys typically consist of subjective questions, photo-based questions, or a mix of both to provide a full understanding of the information. One of the most valuable qualities of mobile crowdsourcing is its ability to provide data almost immediately. With this data, you could find out why some locations perform better than others, what changes you need to make, and how to improve your business practices.

2.  Shopper’s Insights

One perspective that is not forgotten but is often unseen is the shopper’s perspective. Mobile crowdsourcing changes that because it reaches a diverse group of shoppers. The insights they can provide can’t be replicated anywhere else. Through mobile crowdsourcing data, you can see what the shoppers are seeing through photos and understand what they’re experience is like with subjective questions. With so many people owning smartphones, they’re becoming the best way to connect and interact with consumers.

We’ve found that shoppers can and will share their candid responses about the employee’s product knowledge, the quality of the available products, the difficulty in finding those products, etc. Learning what shoppers are looking for in-store is the best way to enhance your strategies. As the old saying goes: the customer is always right.

3.  Act and Adapt Fast

As more data is collected, it is incorporated into a dataset within hours of its approval. All survey results are validated to ensure accuracy within the dataset. With this near real-time information, you’ll be able to find any issues and act on them quickly. By using the vast amount of information available from mobile crowdsourcing, you can optimize shelf space, displays, employee training, etc. Having the information needed to make these changes will help put you ahead of the competition.

As the market changes, consumer buying patterns change, business models shift, etc. mobile crowdsourcing data can help you adapt to these changes. Because mobile crowdsourcing yields quick results, you’ll see shifts happening in near real time based on the questions asked and the information collected. More importantly, data is collected when you need it, not weeks or months after the fact.

4. Cost Efficient

Payouts for mobile mystery shopping/crowdsourcing is much lower than in its original form which included additional time and mailing costs. Using a mobile platform to collect data from real shoppers has reduced the cost of collecting data immensely. Mobile crowdsourcing is a cost-efficient solution that provides the data you need at a much lower rate than traditional mystery shopping. The shift from bulky, paper mystery shopping to mobile platforms has benefited both mystery shoppers and the businesses that use them.

Closing Thoughts

Why wait for the data you need now if you don’t have to? Mobile crowdsourcing can provide all the information you need to make a positive change to your brand. The speed, quality and cost efficiency of mobile crowdsourcing makes it a superior resource for impactful data collection.

Carissa Loria

Carissa is the Marketing Associate at Wiser, the leading provider of actionable data for better decisions. She holds a BS in Marketing from the University of Rhode Island.

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