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Achieve KPIs Faster by Crowdsourcing Retail Data

Gaining data on in-store performance, such as end caps, planogram compliance, and out of stocks is key for both retailers and brands. The only problem is that store associates typically are busy helping customers and corporate merchandisers are costly. There is a new way to get the store level data at a fraction of the cost and it involves crowdsourcing.  

Surprisingly, existing shoppers can gather all the data you could need from stores across the United States. Armed with a mobile mystery shopping app, shoppers can go into the stores you need data on, snap photos of displays, and answer questions—all within minutes. The old days of sending expensive merchandisers out on a data collection mission that takes weeks are over. Fast forwarding to the modern era of retail, retailers and brands can get a mystery shopping Mission up and running in no time and get the data back from shoppers in near real-time.  

If you’d like to learn more about how mobile apps can help your merchandising, sales, branding, and beyond, our eBook, The ABC’s of Crowdsourcing is full of crucial information you need to get up to speed on the topic. In addition, you’ll learn how the backend of these apps work and how to gain access to the crowd to achieve your business initiatives faster.  

Ready to dig into the science and psychology behind crowdsourcing and learn how it can help your retail business succeed in such a competitive landscape? Download your copy of our new eBook today to tap into the power of the crowd.   

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Angelica Valentine

Angelica Valentine is a Marketing Consultant with several years of expertise in the retail sector. Her work has appeared on VentureBeat, Business Insider, SAP, and more. She holds a BA from Barnard College of Columbia University.

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