Anthony Madrigal

As a Sales Director at Wiser, Anthony Madrigal brings more than 13 years of digital ad/tech sales experience working with Fortune 500 brand manufacturers. Prior to Wiser, Anthony ran day to day sales for Rakuten Rewards and has held sales roles at PayPal and Yahoo. He is an avid DIYer, hip hop/funk enthusiast and boxing aficionado.

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Store Operations

How In-Store Data Helps Grocers Stay Competitive

The once overflowing well of brick and mortar retail sales is drying up to no more than a puddle and

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Shelf Intelligence

The Benefits of Subjective In-Aisle Data Collection

Monday through Friday I spend most of my time speaking about, thinking about, or helping my clients in the retail

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Shopper Insights

How Crowdsourcing Makes In-Store Merchandising More Efficient

Ever tried speed dating? The idea is to try and pre-qualify a potential date in as little time as possible,

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