New [Infographic]: Back to School Shopping Habits 2018

Summer back to school shopping is not just an annual event, it’s the second biggest shopping season of the year! BTS not only boosts sales in the retail industry, but it also serves as a fun bonding activity for friends and families to do together in preparation for the fall season. Wiser has collected the consumer data you need to have ultimate insight into the summer shopping habits of 2018.

Our infographic includes:

  • When back to school shoppers plan on making purchases
  • The type and quantity of products shoppers will buy
  • Online vs in-store shopping channel preferences

Explore our new infographic to get the inside scoop on BTS habits for summer 2018

Maddie Tringale

Maddie is a former Wiser marketing intern. She will be graduating from Elon University in the spring of 2019 with a double major in Strategic Communications and Dance.

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