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[Case Study] How Belami Ecommerce Increased Revenue and Achieved Price Parity with Automated Pricing Solutions

Given the power of price during consumers’ paths to purchase, it’s not surprising that companies in the retail space need a comprehensive, efficient solution to monitor prices, make adjustments, and stay competitive. 

For Belami Ecommerce, a leading Ecommerce services provider in the U.S., their needs manifested in the form of competitive pricing intelligence, MAP monitoring and enforcement, and repricing. Wiser Solutions was there to provide these services and more for Belami, as detailed in our latest case study

Download our free case study today to learn how Wiser: 

  • Automated rule-based repricing 
  • Monitored for MAP compliance 
  • Provided competitive pricing intelligence 
  • And more! 

Get a sneak peek of our case study with these excerpts below: 

“Unfortunately, Belami was unable to expand their internal tools to address modern blocking technology. As a result, accurate and timely data were hard to come by.” 

“As a retailer of brands, Belami leveraged Wiser’s MAP monitoring to see if other retailers were below MAP and then notify vendors, so the vendors could either enforce MAP or authorize Belami to match prices.” 

Download our free case study to learn how Belami solved their problems with Wiser Solutions! 

Matt Ellsworth

Matt is the Sr. Manager, Marketing & Demand at Wiser, the leading provider of actionable data for better decisions.

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