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How to Implement Dynamic Pricing

It’s evident that retailers need to utilize dynamic pricing to compete successfully online, with players like Amazon dominating the space. While dynamic pricing seems intimidating, fixed pricing causes businesses to miss out on profit and potential sales. 

Modern-day dynamic pricing …

September 11, 2018

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MAP vs MSRP: Pricing in an Omnichannel World

When it comes to pricing there are two very similar, yet exceedingly different, pricing policies that need to be considered. Deciding which policy is best for you and your business is a much tougher task, however. We’ve broken it down …

August 30, 2018

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How Buy One, Get One Can Improve Your Sales

There are many different methods to increase your sales. Discounts are an effective short-term strategy that retailers use when inventory is moving slower than expected. Contrary to popular belief, not all discount techniques are created equal. Though the traditional discount

August 17, 2018