Wiser in the News: What Will Cost More – and Less – in 2018

Wiser was recently featured on U.S. News & World Report by contributor Susan Johnston Taylor. In her article, What Will Cost More – and Less – in 2018, she discussed the three main categories that consumers can expect to shell out a bit more (and less) for next year. Taylor tapped Wiser CEO and retail expert, Andy Ballard, for his deep vertical knowledge.

Ballard’s point of view is that cosmetics and skincare product pricing will experience a dip next year. Here’s why:

“The barriers to distribution have been lowered by the interest from e-commerce,” he explains. “As a young makeup brand, it’s a lot easier to go direct to consumer with social media and the rise of influencers on social media. That’ll put pressure on more traditional makeup brands, so I think there’ll be some more downward pressure over the next 12 to 24 months.”

Want to learn what Ballard had to say about the apparel industry as it relates to Amazon, Walmart, and Target? Read the full article here.


Angelica Valentine

Angelica Valentine is a Marketing Consultant with several years of expertise in the retail sector. Her work has appeared on VentureBeat, Business Insider, SAP, and more. She holds a BA from Barnard College of Columbia University.

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