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[Digital Commerce 360] Is Selling on Amazon Right for You?

As compelling as it might seem, the glamorous thought of gaining access to 200 million customers overnight, by becoming a seller on Amazon, may not be right for your company. Depending on your brand, placing yourself in Amazon’s marketplace may be more trouble than it’s worth. Wiser’s CEO, Andy Ballard, shares his thoughts on how to choose wisely when your company is deciding on becoming an Amazon seller  

Here’s a sneak peek at Andy’s advice: 

“As the CEO of a retail analytics firm, I can tell you selling on Amazon is a boon for some brands, and an all-out bust for others. It’s enticing to become an Amazon seller and gain access to 200 million new customers in under an hour, but it’s not for everyone.” 

“Selling on Amazon can sound great on paper, but it’s not for everyone. In choosing to join the marketplace, brands are committing to constant monitoring and maintenance of their pricing, inventory and competition. The situation is getting even more complicated, as Amazon diversifies its own business, creating new channels for growth and grief.” 

You can read the full article on Digital Commerce 360.

Maddie Tringale

Maddie is a former Wiser marketing intern. She will be graduating from Elon University in the spring of 2019 with a double major in Strategic Communications and Dance.

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