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The Fusion of Digital and In-Store Data

This is a guest post by Rick Patsos, Manager, Sales Development at Wiser Solutions.

Online data, through eCommerce, is easily monitored and analyzed. What happens when the shopper physically goes a store? Almost every retailer wants a seamless omnichannel shopper experience, but very few are able to successfully execute it. The right data can help. If only your in-store data matched up with your online data.

For a company like Netflix, it is easy to track their customer journey. No matter how a user wants to view their content, it has to be connected to a device that can collect data.  This is how they have been so successful. They are able to use the “big data” that they collect to curate an individual experience for each user based on their likes and dislikes. In the physical world, that type of data collection seems impossible.

If you think that the shopping experience does not have the same luxury of being tied to a device, you are wrong. Consider this: I would be willing to bet my house that your cellphone is within an arm’s reach. Am I right? You are probably even reading this article on your phone. Now, I will put my car on the line that you never go shopping without your cell phone. This constant connection to technology provides a unique opportunity for brands and retailers to have eyes in stores at all times.

The Season 4 premier of HBO’s Silicon Valley talks about the untapped potential of the smartphone carrying crowd. “There’s literally millions of times more computing power in my phone, and that’s just sitting in my pocket doing nothing. So then I thought there are, what, billions of phones all over the world with the same computing power just sitting in peoples’ pockets . . . what if we use all those phones to build a massive network?”

Those people with their phones are shopping in your stores right now. Wiser can activate these consumers and create a store audit program for you. Think of it as having hundreds of thousands shoppers at your disposal. All armed with their smartphones to capture feedback and images to report back to you within hours. This way, you can collect in-store data almost as quickly as you can online.

Rick Patsos | Guest Author

Rick Patsos manages the Lead Generation team at Wiser, helping spread the word about Wiser’s innovative data solutions. Prior to working at Wiser, he worked on the Business Development team at Staples. He holds a BS in Business Management from Bentley University.

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