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[Infographic] Expectation vs. Reality: Shoppers, Retailers Don’t Agree on Seasonal Displays

Walk into a retailer in late August or early September, and there’s a good chance you see seasonal displays. In fact, the “Christmas Creep” frequently draws complaints from shoppers and retail pundits. However, retailers know there’s value in seasonal displays. Sales figures are moving up and it’s a billion-dollar industry for businesses.

That creates two opposing forces. On one side are the shoppers, lamenting the early start to the holiday season. On the other are the retailers, doing what they can to capture sales. Who is right? To find out, we asked our public shoppers for help. We sent thousands into stores across the U.S. to ask: “Are seasonal displays too early?” Then, we put their answers into a fascinating infographic for you.

Our infographic includes:

  • How shoppers feel about seasonal display timing
  • When shoppers prefer to buy for the holidays
  • How display timing affects buying behavior
  • and more!

Explore our infographic to see what effects your seasonal displays have on consumers.

Seasonal Display Infographic


Matt Ellsworth

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