Toys R Us Mission Report

[Report]: Holiday Toy-Buying in a Post-Toys ‘R’ Us World

Toys ‘R’ Us was a traditional toy powerhouse in retail. However, after declaring bankruptcy, the national retailer closed all of its stores in June 2018. The meant the upcoming holiday shopping season had a void to fill. Where would all of Toys ‘R’ Us’ shoppers go to buy toys? Wiser wanted answers and surveyed our network of public shoppers to find out.

Find out what they said in a new report on holiday toy-buying in a post-Toys ‘R’ Us world.

This report includes data such as:

  • Whether shoppers prefer online or in-store toy-buying
  • Which retailers stand to gain Toys ‘R’ Us shoppers
  • What makes retailers attractive to toy-buyers
  • And more!

Wiser’s network of shoppers who contributed to the survey numbered more than 2,200. They provided answers via Wiser’s mobile app, and then our in-house team validated all data to ensure quality and accuracy.

To see all of our findings, download your free copy of Holiday Toy-Buying in a Post-Toys ‘R’ Us World today!

Matt Ellsworth

Matt is the Sr. Manager, Marketing & Demand at Wiser, the leading provider of actionable data for better decisions.

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