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[Retail Customer Experience] The Store is Still a Winning Strategy. Here’s Why

The old cliche that brick-and-mortar retail is dying has been debunked. Physical stores are alive and well. In fact, they are a critical component of a strong retail business—if the in-store experience gets the right attention.

Wiser President Hal Charnley, in an article published by Retail Customer Experience, explained how you can develop a winning in-store strategy today.

Check out excerpts from Hal’s article below:

“Customer experience is the single biggest advantage for brick-and-mortar retail. Even digital buyers want a tactile experience. The store is still the best place for shoppers to try and compare products before they buy, engage with associates and in-store displays, and share their experiences on social media.”

“SKU proliferation is a real problem faced by every type of brick-and-mortar retailer. Grocery stores, for example, carry 40,000 more items than they did in the 1990s. It’s no surprise that retailers are struggling to gain visibility into what’s happening at the shelf.”

Read the rest of Hal’s thoughts at Retail Customer Experience.

Matt Ellsworth

Matt is the Sr. Manager, Marketing & Demand at Wiser, the leading provider of actionable data for better decisions.

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