Special Report [RetailTouchPoints]: Winning with Pages from Amazon’s Playbook

Retail TouchPoints’ latest special report, featuring Wiser, takes an inside look at the rise in customer expectations across channels and how retailers can stay in touch with their shopper’s needs. Key solutions in categories such as personalization, promotion, and customer engagement ensure customer satisfaction while optimizing business operations and profits. Wiser tackles why taking changing customer behaviors into consideration and applying Amazon’s data-driven approach are essential to determining the pricing strategies that give retailers a competitive edge.  

 The Special Report covers:  

  • Personalization 
  • Unified Commerce 
  • Order/Pickup Solutions 
  • Pricing: Better Data, Better Decisions featuring Wiser 
  • And more!  



Here’s an excerpt from Retail TouchPoints’ report:  

“Amazon’s success has depended upon four key pillars: customer-centricity, continuous optimization, a culture of innovation and corporate agility. In this report, we will examine core technologies that are currently being used by disruptive brands to either keep pace with the rising customer expectations Amazon has helped to fuel, or in some cases even gain an edge with enhanced offerings.” 

“One way that Amazon gained market share was through their aggressive pricing strategy, driven largely by the vast amount of pricing data they collect. While it can be tempting to undercut Amazon on pricing to gain sales, it’s critical for retailers to create and execute a sustainable pricing strategy that improves long-term growth and profit.”  

To understand more about how retailers have integrated core technologies into company operations such as customer engagement and personalization to aid both the in-store experience and customer satisfaction, download Retail TouchPoints’ special report here.


Maddie Tringale

Maddie is a former Wiser marketing intern. She will be graduating from Elon University in the spring of 2019 with a double major in Strategic Communications and Dance.

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