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[Total Retail]: Power of the Store Location: How Pop-Ups and Grocery Are Changing the Retail Landscape

Brick-and-mortar stores aren’t dead; they’re just evolving. We now see plenty of innovation in the realm of retail pop-ups and grocery, with mobile applications, multi-channel commerce, and seasonal stores finding success. Wiser CEO Andy Ballard explored these ideas—and more—behind the power of the store location for Total Retail.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you can read in “Power of the Store Location: How Pop-Ups and Grocery Are Changing the Retail Landscape.”

“Grocery has been one of the last industries to tackle omnichannel. For years, grocery retailers have relied on location and convenience to maintain their customer base. However, the expansion of offerings and selection at services like Amazon Fresh and Peapod has caused other grocers to step up their game.”

“Brands are using pop-up shops to re-evaluate potential investments in brick-and-mortar. What once seemed like a gimmick is now a smart way to maximize profit and minimize overhead costs.”

See what else Andy had to say about pop-ups, grocery, and the power the store location over at Total Retail.

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