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Wiser Solutions Expands Its Commerce Execution Suite With New Products, Features

Wiser Solutions is launching the next iteration of its Commerce Execution Suite, with enhanced offerings in its Price Intelligence, Reseller Intelligence, and Retail Execution products. These improvements are made possible thanks to strategic partnerships in the commerce execution space and targeted investments into product and feature enhancements specific to the everyday jobs of our prospects and customers.

What Can You Expect?

What does all this mean for you? There are three core areas of Wiser’s Commerce Execution Suite that are directly affected by these investments:

  • Price Intelligence—We’re adding more features and functionality to our core Price Intelligence platform. This means improved extraction capabilities, upgraded business intelligence, and more actionable insights into the prices of your company and your competitors. Plus, we’re growing our ability to capture in-store prices in addition to our eCommerce functionality.
  • Reseller Intelligence—We’re incredibly excited to launch an upgrade to our Reseller Intelligence product, incorporating more brand protection features for our customers. Specifically, we’ll have improved MAP monitoring capabilities on the Reseller Intelligence side, and a more robust actionability and enforcement piece of the puzzle related to brand protection. This includes a channel communications service allowing brands and retailers to share product-related information. Furthermore, we are soon launching a where-to-buy product for brands and a promotional intelligence product for select markets.
  • Retail Execution—Finally, we’re making more investments into our Retail Execution product. We’ve grown our staff in this area and added several leaders with decades of experience in CPG and retail execution. We’re continuing our focus on growing this product with best-in-class software, mobile apps, and field team support.

When Will You See These Changes?

Improvements have already begun! We started off 2022 with a number of incremental changes to the Commerce Execution Suite, and more upgrades will be coming throughout the first half of the year. Current Wiser customers are already seeing some added benefits to their existing platforms, while new customers will have a wider range of options to meet their needs.

In total, Wiser’s Commerce Execution Suite includes the following products:

Check back on the Wiser website in the future for more exciting product announcements. For any additional questions or information, please contact us to learn more.

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