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Wiser Solutions Invests in Better Data, Online and In-Store, for Global Customers

Our team at Wiser Solutions is excited to announce that we’re expanding—now part of our Commerce Execution Suite are more solutions tailored to FMCG and grocery as well as crowdsourced in-store data in Australia, New Zealand, and parts of Southeast Asia.

The integration of these new capabilities into Wiser means more services, features, and functionality for our customers. Our online solutions are even stronger, both in Europe and globally, while our in-store retail intelligence is now available in more regions.

Overall, our online team gains a fantastic understanding of the FMCG space in Europe, while the team in Australia has built an engaging crowdsourcing platform that allows us to connect Wiser customers to in-store data in the region, and vice versa via the current solution in North America.

A Stronger Foundation for Global Commerce Execution

Wiser Solutions is a global company, serving customers on nearly every continent. These investments in online and in-store solutions are a natural fit in our Commerce Execution Suite, which is designed so brands and retailers can increase margins across all their channels, wherever their challenges may lie.

Better Data, Better Decisions

There are a lot of nuances in retail analytics, and your specific industry, vertical, or niche can have a big impact on the value of data. This is at the core of why we’re investing in FMCG. Our online team has years of experience in FMCG, grocery, and European retail, and as a result have developed invaluable solutions for companies in these spaces around pricing, assortment, inventory, promotions, and more.

We’re looking to improve every day, and our continued focus on commerce execution will allow our employees to use their FMCG and grocery expertise to develop our products. As a result, Wiser customers always have access to better data for better decision-making.

Retail Intelligence, Now Available in More Countries

Historically, Wiser has delivered crowdsourced retail intelligence to customers with operations in North America. This solution, thanks to our shopper app, connects brands and retailers to hundreds of thousands of mystery shoppers in the region. Now, Wiser has access to crowdsourced shoppers in Australia and New Zealand to gather front-of-store insights into shelves, displays, and store conditions.

Wiser’s global customers have access to data in more countries than ever before. Therefore, our in-store data extraction is timelier and more comprehensive, while continuing to be validated by Wiser’s in-house teams and served via our configurable dashboards. This furthers our mission to extract and deliver global retail intelligence.

What This Means for You

The Wiser Commerce Execution Suite is designed for brands, retailers, distributors, brokers, and more retail businesses, regardless of where they are headquartered. In order to live up to that statement, we must continue to push ourselves and evolve our products and solutions.

Investing in more regions and verticals does just that. It immediately introduces new capabilities to our existing customers, while enriching our product teams with more knowledge and skills in certain verticals. It means retail intelligence from Wiser is now available in North America, Australia, and Asia, while the quality of our in-store and online data receives the investment it needs to remain an industry leader.

Check back on the Wiser website in the future for more exciting product announcements. For any additional questions or information, please contact us to learn more.

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