Wiser’s Top Blog Posts of 2015

New trends, companies, and strategies made 2015 a memorable year. We’ve put together our top 10 most viewed blog posts of the year, and the pros and cons to dynamic pricing took the number one spot.

Many retailers are still looking to compete on Amazon, as many of the top blog posts were related to that super competitive marketplace. The company grew to be bigger and more profitable than ever in 2015, and you don’t want to be left in the dust.

Pricing can be a strenuous chore for some, and we’re more than happy to give you tips on how to get ahead. Keep your eyes peeled, as we hope to help you with merchandising, assortment optimization, brand protection, and even more in the new year. Subscribe here for the best tips and tricks in retail.

  1. Going Up, Coming Down: The Pros and Cons of Dynamic Pricing
  2. FBA vs FBM: The Full Comparison
  3. What’s Better For Conversions: Discounts or Free Shipping?
  4. The 3 Most Important Factors to Winning the Buy Box
  5. 4 Awesome Pricing Strategies Every eBay Seller Should Know
  6. How Automated Price Monitoring has Helped Skullcandy and Stuart Weitzman
  7. eBay vs Amazon: Which Marketplace Should You Sell On?
  8. Dynamic Pricing and Price Discrimination: What’s the Difference?
  9. How to Implement A Dynamic Pricing Strategy
  10. An Introduction to Webstore Repricing


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