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A New Collaboration to Provide the Best Price Intelligence in the Organics Market

Wiser Solutions and Biotopia are teaming up to enhance price monitoring in the organics industry. By combining their strengths, uniting on-the-ground price surveillance with consumer pricing intelligence, this collaboration promises to provide the organic industry with extensive insights, ensuring businesses can navigate the complexities of pricing effectively.

In an era marked by significant inflation, understanding and adapting pricing strategies is more critical than ever for retailers. With the support of this new alliance, brands within the organic industry will gain access to essential market data, empowering them to refine their pricing and marketing approaches to better meet consumer demands and stay competitive.

Sophie Arcucci – Director Strategic Partnerships:

“The creation of a partnership between Biotopia and Wiser offers synergy between our respective expertise. Wiser brings its on-the-ground expertise to ensure comprehensive in-store data. Biotopia, on the other hand, enhances its offering by providing its many clients with comprehensive price analysis. With the current evolution of the organic market in France, marked by increasing inflation, we are convinced that price information will become essential for decision-making. This partnership represents a unique opportunity to meet the changing needs of brands and to support the sustainable growth of the organic industry.”

Alexandre Fantuz – Co-Founder – Marketing & Commercial Director Biotopia:

“This partnership with Wiser allows us (Biotopia) to combine the expertise of Wiser’s on-the-ground price surveying with our expertise in price monitoring via our panel of consumers in organic stores, in order to have comprehensive coverage of channels and products multiple times throughout the year.

In an inflationary context where price and promotions have never been more relevant in the organic network, Wiser and Biotopia are creating a unique offer to bring visibility to distributors and suppliers in their marketing and pricing strategy. Biotopia is a consumer research institute in the organic market, collecting sales and price data since 2016 through our panelists and providing analysis to over a hundred bio companies.”

About Biotopia:
BIOTOPIA is a company that offers innovative solutions to players in the organic market, including both manufacturers (brands) and distributors (stores) as well as consumers. Biotopia supports over 200 companies in the sector with solutions that help and reinforce leaders in their development, communication, and marketing strategies.

About Wiser:
Wiser Solutions® is the global leader in Commerce Execution SaaS products. Our Commerce Execution suite provides brands, distributors, and retailers with the information needed to make better decisions, online and in-store. Wiser’s platform supports a variety of use cases, from market knowledge and price management to assortment strategies and concrete retail sales actions.”


Alexandre Fantuz
Co-Founder – Marketing & Commercial Director

Sophie Arcucci
Partnerships Director

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