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Holiday Retail Trends 2023: Essential Insights for Online Brands & Retailers

Analyzing the holiday retail trends of 2023 can illuminate the path forward for brands and retailers and clarify the steps they need to take to stay competitive. Data can help identify the promotional strategies that resonated with consumers, the products that flew off the virtual shelves, and the ones that didn’t. With this knowledge, brands and retailers can tailor their future strategies to align with consumer behavior and preferences.

By understanding the dynamics of product availability and the power of effective promotions, online brands and retailers can capture the complete picture, optimize pricing strategies, and prioritize online commerce execution. This, in turn, can lead to a significant increase in a brand or retailers’ revenue.

‘Tis the Season for eCommerce

Reflecting on the holiday retail trends of 2023, it’s undeniable that many consumers were drawn to online shopping. In fact, according to a survey done by Gallup, “Virtually all holiday shoppers, 93 percent, will buy at least some gifts online this year, including almost half who will purchase most (41 percent) or all (6 percent) of their holiday gifts from online retailers.”

This shift toward digital commerce was influenced not only by the convenience and accessibility of online platforms but also by the increasing savviness of the modern consumer.

The appeal of online shopping is multifaceted. Consumers enjoyed the ability to browse and compare products across multiple retailers at their leisure, without the limitations of store hours or geographic location. This digital convenience was furthered by promotional campaigns and expansive product availability, drawing in a wider customer base. Concurrently, the potential for expedited shipping and easy returns made online shopping a more appealing choice for holiday purchases. With these advantages in mind, it becomes clearer why the 2023 holiday season was dominated by eCommerce.

Key Insights From Wiser’s 2023 Holiday Shopping Data

Unveiling the trends and patterns of the 2023 holiday season, Wiser’s data reveals critical insights for online brands and retailers. These key insights offer a unique look into the holiday retail trends of 2023, paving the way for informed decision-making and effective strategy development.


Boosting sales involves identifying competitors, tracking market newcomers, and monitoring partner pricing and discounts continuously.

Within the Cosmetics category, Neiman Marcus has the highest average discount rate (50 percent).

Canon had the highest number of offers on promotion, followed by Panasonic across retailers including Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

Product Availability

Product availability is key to sales success: If your product isn’t in stock, shoppers will look for an available competing brand. Closely tracking retailer out-of-stocks is critical.

Wiser recommends at least 92 percent of products be available for purchase and delivered in less than three days.

How These Insights Can Inform the 2024 Holiday Shopping Season

Brands and retailers should analyze their discounting strategies, taking cues from the success of companies like Neiman Marcus and Canon. Understanding the competition’s promotional trends can also help in timing discounts effectively, ensuring that your offers stand out and captivate consumers’ attention.

Moreover, the pet accessories data underscores the importance of product availability. With shoppers leaning toward accessible alternatives when faced with out-of-stock situations, it becomes critical for brands to ensure high availability rates, preferably above 92 percent, as suggested by Wiser. Consumers expect convenience, and not meeting those expectations can lead to lost sales or even a negative brand image. Optimizing supply chain management, forecasting demand more accurately, and closely monitoring stock levels can help maintain high product availability, thereby preventing customer churn to competitors.

Leveraging Wiser Data For Your Online Retail Strategies

The key to staying competitive in an evolving retail landscape lies in understanding consumer behavior, leveraging pricing strategies, and ensuring product availability—the insights from the 2023 holiday season are instrumental in this regard.

What remains constant, amid the flux of retail trends, is the increasing influence of eCommerce. The 2023 holiday season reaffirmed this trend as consumers continued to seek the convenience, flexibility, and breadth of choice that online shopping offers. Brands and retailers must continue optimizing their online platforms, ensuring they are user-friendly, responsive, and provide a seamless shopping experience.

These 2023 holiday retail trends highlight the essential role of data-driven decision making in retail success. Whether it’s crafting effective promotional strategies, ensuring product availability, or optimizing online platforms, Wiser’s data provides the insights necessary for online brands and retailers to navigate the future of retail. As we gear up for the 2024 holiday season, let’s use these insights to deliver a shopping experience that meets and exceeds consumer expectations.

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