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How and Why Mobile Crowdsourcing Works

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Retail Auditing the key to understanding the in-store pitfalls that could be tarnishing your brand perception in consumers’ eyes. With mobile crowdsourced data, you have the ability to look into stores nationwide without leaving your office. With insight reports on customer experience, display compliance, stock levels, and more from real consumers, you’ll have the data you need to make important decisions that could heavily impact your business and brand.

Smartphone-enabled shoppers have the insights you need most but gathering and understanding that data can be tricky without a mobile crowdsourcing platform. Between finding shoppers, collecting data, and ensuring data quality, mobile crowdsourcing has become a top-of-the-line data collection method that is necessary to be competitive in the current retail landscape. So, how and why does mobile crowdsourcing work?

Large Network of Shoppers

Real-world consumers can offer you the best insights about your products because their opinions are crucial when it comes to understanding purchase decisions and brand perception. Smartphone-enabled shoppers are unbiased and have a national footprint that is necessary to understand the full scope of the current retail landscape. The way they perceive your brand in comparison to others, the value they associate with your products and so much more can help you make important decisions annually, monthly, or even daily.

Thinking about the question at hand, retail auditing works with mobile crowdsourcing because of the large number of smartphone-enabled shoppers that are available nationwide. They have the capability to take photos of products and displays, answer sentiment-based questions, locate and scan UPC codes, and so much more. Having access to a large network of consumers will give you a more comprehensive set of data that is necessary to make informed decisions.

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Near Real-Time Data

The retail landscape is constantly changing. Because of that volatility, it’s important to have access to current data in near real-time. Making the best decisions relies heavily on the information at hand. Out-of-date data won’t help you stay on top of new trends, retail changes, or changes in consumer preferences. Luckily, Wiser’s smartphone-enabled shoppers can gather data that you’ll have access to within 24 hours.

Staying on top of changes among consumer preferences, competitors, and the retail landscape as a whole, will give you a leg up when understanding and making decisions that will impact your brand. Retail audits are the fastest and most accurate data collection method available today. Taking advantage of the speed and available shoppers can provide you with unparalleled insights. As the old saying goes, time is of the essence.

Data Quality

More important than the speed of data collection is the quality of that information. Accuracy within your dataset is crucial to understanding how your brand is impacted by display compliance or competitors. It’s also important to understanding changes as they’re taking place in the market instead of after the fact. Data is only as valuable as it is accurate; for this reason, high-quality data has become a key characteristic of mobile crowdsourced data.

Something we take very seriously is the quality of the data you’re getting. To make important business decisions you need accurate data that gives you real insights into the retail landscape. All of the data that Wiser provides is validated by a member of our team. Inaccurate information never slips through the cracks, which is why mobile crowdsourcing can make a big difference in your business. Knowing you’re getting the most accurate data in near real-time will allow you to make decisions based on unbiased and accurate insights.

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Historical Data

Tracking changes over time can be a key indicator of issues including drops in sales and brand perception changes. As you gather more data using retail audits, you’ll learn more insights that can help alter your marketing, product, operational, or overall business plans. Understanding what your consumers are looking for and tracking changes in those preferences will set you up for success in this ever-changing world of retail.

History has to start somewhere, though. The initial insights you gain using smartphone-enabled shoppers will set the stage for tracking variations over time. Understanding those changes and the decisions that fostered them will give you a deeper understanding of your consumers and how they’re impacted by change.

Closing Thoughts

Mobile crowdsourcing works so effectively because a large crowd of consumers is used to help you collect beneficial data in near real-time. There is a large variety of questions you can ask consumers to learn everything you need to know to make the best decision for your brand. Whether you’re tracking those changes over time or understanding new insights with each survey, mobile crowdsourcing is the best way to optimize and improve upon any facet of your business structure.

Smartphone-enabled shoppers are ready to share their opinions, give you up-to-date insights on your product and display issues, and so much more. Any sentiment or data-driven question you have can be answered using retail audits.

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Better decisions can only come from better data.

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