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[Whitepaper] How to Decide Between Price Crawling and Pricing Intelligence

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Knowledge is half the battle—but it isn’t the whole battle. This is the heart of the difference between price crawling and pricing intelligence.

In a retail world where little matters more than price, you must know how your prices compare to your competitors, how your margins fluctuate based on price changes, and so much more. Price crawling and pricing intelligence can both help you along that journey, but they’ll lead to very different conclusions.

Price Crawling and Pricing Intelligence

Most price crawling tools give you that initial pricing knowledge. Crawling relies on bots to crawl eCommerce sites in search of pricing and product description data. This tactic can provide you significant amounts of information on thousands of SKUs.

Pricing intelligence is that plus more. Intelligence platforms can also provide you pricing data on thousands of SKUs. But intelligence incorporates additional analytics, reporting, and repricing features for a more holistic solution.

Despite the similarities, price crawling and pricing intelligence are two different things.

Find Your Ideal Pricing Solution

Both crawling and intelligence have their merits, but the value can differ depending on your role and your company.

You may want that quick access to pricing data, or you may need those more comprehensive analysis and repricing tools. Which one is right for you? Download our whitepaper, How to Decide Between Price Crawling and Pricing Intelligence, to figure that out. Our free whitepaper dives deeper into the features of crawling and pricing intelligence before looking at who benefits from either option.

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Get a sneak peek of the whitepaper with its executive summary below:

“At Wiser, we hear from pricing teams wondering whether we provide price crawling or pricing intelligence—and what exactly is the difference between those two.

The challenge for these pricing professionals is, once a relatable definition of each is established, figuring out which strategy is best for their businesses. Despite the similarities, price crawling and pricing intelligence are two different things. A journey down one path will lead to a very different place than a journey down the other.

So, we figured we’d help. This whitepaper will define price crawling and pricing intelligence. Then, we’ll explore the who, the what, and the why behind each strategy to answer the all-important question: ‘Is price crawling or pricing intelligence right for me?’”

Download How to Decide Between Price Crawling and Pricing Intelligence today to read the full whitepaper!

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