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How Scorecards Can Improve Your In-Store Merchandising Compliance 

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How do you currently measure in-store display and merchandising compliance?  Depending on the size of your brand, this may vary – from tracking it manually (or not at all) to working with your own in-house built or third-party solution.  

No matter your strategy, there’s likely room for improvement. Non-compliance in all its forms can drive shoppers to another brand at best or out of the store altogether at worst. It can hurt sales, brand reputation, stakeholder confidence, and much more.   

However, nearly everyone agrees that compliance is a good thing. The challenge is ensuring compliance at scale and in a way that is affordable and time-efficient. This is where Wiser Scorecards can help.   

What is the Wiser Scorecard?  

Wiser’s Scorecards are concise, visual one-page reports sent to relevant stakeholders during key promotional or seasonal periods that compare how regional managers, field reps, distributors, and other team members are performing against operational and merchandising compliance benchmarks.   

The Scorecard is an ideal solution for businesses of many types, especially CPG or FMCG brands, hardline and durable goods brands, and retailers. The Scorecard itself is created based on compliance metrics you deem to be most important. Then, those metrics are built into the Scorecard so you can compare and contrast performance for respective groups of contributors. Once complete, the report is shared with all relevant stakeholders so you have concrete data to act upon.   

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Why Use Scorecards for Merchandising Compliance?  

Why can a Wiser Scorecard be a valuable asset as you improve in-store display and merchandising compliance?   

For starters, monthly Scorecards provide information at scale for more locations than previously possible. They allow you to draw conclusions much faster than if you were to manually ingest and synthesize this data into a custom report. By assigning a score to and benchmarking groups of contributors against one another, they make it easy identify who’s on-track and where you need to take corrective action, and they allow you to promote transparency and accountability staples of your company’s brand.   

In addition, Scorecards are a great way to encourage your team to be more results-oriented. You’ll have a monthly compliance benchmark to share and can use the Scorecards to take the guesswork out of your compliance equation. A well-executed Scorecard can result in a more accurate, efficient workflow for monitoring in-store display and merchandising compliance.  

Why Wiser for Your Scorecards?

Wiser works closely with you to understand what your business objectives are and how our Scorecards can help measure progress against them. Then, using our crowdsourced data collection capabilities in-store, we collect and output the data into an easy-to-read scorecard format. Finally, with the concrete, actionable insights presented to you on the scorecard, you can prioritize where and how to act to drive toward better results in your business. 

Scorecards are ideal to track compliance around seasonal and promotional periods or on a regular basis.

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