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Beverage Manufacturer Turns to Wiser to Ensure Merchandising Compliance

For any brand, especially those operating across a broad retail network, ensuring merchandising compliance is a daunting task. The craft brewer faced the common dilemma of how to verify that their merchandise was accurately displayed across thousands of stores nationwide.

Their challenge was compounded by the fact that their sales representatives, tasked with auditing these displays, were constrained by typical business hours and their primary sales responsibilities. This limitation hindered their ability to cover all store locations and effectively monitor compliance during the critical short windows of key promotional periods.

Tapping Into Innovative Solutions

Enter Wiser’s role as a game-changer in in-store data collection. By harnessing the power of a vast crowd of mystery shoppers, Wiser provided the brewer with comprehensive data on display execution compliance and promotions, tailor-made through scalable analysis to fit specific needs regarding result quantity, locations, time period, and survey content.

This strategic partnership enabled the brewer’s sales reps to focus on their sales activities while also gathering competitive activity insights across top accounts.

Raising the Bar for Scalable Success

The impact of this collaboration was profound:

  • Scalable Success: The brewer exponentially increased their auditing capabilities, going from monitoring 100-200 stores to thousands during each critical five to eight-day promotional period, with minimal impact on their internal team.
  • Actionable Output: Custom dashboards provided clear, contextual information, enabling the brewer to base their strategy on comprehensive data beyond mere sales figures.
  • Timely Resolution and Success: Real-time visibility into compliance issues ensured that the brewer’s in-store investments yielded the desired returns, affirming the effectiveness of their merchandising efforts.

Crafting a Strategy for the Future

With Wiser’s actionable insights into merchandising compliance, the craft brewer was not only able to safeguard their brand presence during pivotal sales periods but also to strategically engage with retailers and distributors to advocate for their brand at scale. For FMCG brands, especially in the beverage sector, the journey of the craft brewer highlights the critical need for agility, strategic insight, and the adoption of cutting-edge technological solutions to navigate the challenges of merchandising compliance successfully.

As the craft brewer continues to leverage these insights for future promotional periods, their story illuminates a path for other brands facing similar challenges, offering valuable lessons on the importance of innovation, strategic partnerships, and the pivotal role of merchandising compliance in achieving retail excellence.

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