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[Chain Store Age] Vertical Electronic Toy Retailer Doesn’t Play Games with Pricing

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How can you protect your brand and control your prices across multiple online marketplaces? Vtech, an electronic toy retailer, does so with minimum advertised price (MAP) monitoring and Wiser Solutions.

Dan Berthiaume, while writing for Chain Store Age, explored the relationship between Wiser and Vtech in more detail. Specifically, Berthiaume outlined how Vtech enforces MAP prices across its own eCommerce sites and major third-party platforms such as Amazon and Google Shopping.

You can read the Chain Store Age article, Vertical Electronic Toy Retailer Doesn’t Play Games with Pricing, in full over on their website.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find:

“Operating different channels made enforcing minimum advertised prices (MAP) time-consuming and complicated, putting [Vtech’s] reputation at risk.”

“Using Wiser’s proprietary MAP monitoring platform, Vtech tracks each SKU for MAP violations from direct sites and marketplaces.”

Head over to Chain Store Age to read the rest!

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