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Liquor Brand Achieves Perfect Pour with Wiser

The ‘Perfect Pour’ strategy is not just about serving beer; it’s an orchestrated attempt to enhance the consumer’s experience, aiming to elevate the act of beer consumption into a memorable event that fosters brand loyalty and boosts purchase intent.

However, measuring the impact of such a strategy presents unique challenges, particularly when it comes to gathering unbiased, consumer-centric data that accurately reflects the effect of bar staff training on the customer experience.

Traditionally, the company relied on its field team to assess compliance with the ‘Perfect Pour’ guidelines, but it became evident that this approach could introduce bias, as sales representatives’ evaluations were influenced by incentives linked to their compliance results. The quest for an unbiased evaluation and a deeper understanding of the ‘Perfect Pour’s’ impact on shopper experience and repurchase intent led the brewing giant to seek a fresh approach.

Tapping into Unbiased Insights

Leveraging Snooper’s (now Wiser’s) network, the company initiated an expansive evaluation, deploying shoppers across various venues to provide an impartial analysis of the ‘Perfect Pour’ execution. This innovative strategy enabled the collection of authentic shopper sentiments regarding the on-trade environment and their product consumption experience, shedding light on the tangible impact of the ‘Perfect Pour’ on consumer behavior.

Pouring Over the Results

The outcomes of this partnership were as enlightening as they were impactful:

  • Training Strategy Feedback: The company received candid and actionable feedback in a remarkably short timeframe, offering valuable insights into the effectiveness of training venues in implementing the ‘Perfect Pour’ strategy.
  • Compliance Metric Validation: A strong correlation emerged between high compliance with the ‘Perfect Pour’ steps and increased repurchase intention among consumers, affirming the strategy’s foundational principles.
  • Program Continuity and Success: The first year of implementation saw a remarkable 30 percent increase in compliance following subsequent troubleshooting, a testament to the strategy’s efficacy. Snooper’s (now Wiser’s) ongoing monthly checks ensure sustained excellence and continuous improvement in execution.

Mastering the Serve

The ‘Perfect Pour’ case study underscores the pivotal role of authentic, unbiased consumer feedback in refining and validating brand strategies that aim to elevate the consumer experience. By moving beyond traditional internal assessments to embrace a more holistic view of consumer engagement, the brewing company not only enhanced its ‘Perfect Pour’ strategy but also set a new standard for creating memorable consumer experiences that drive brand loyalty and repurchase intent.

In an industry where the consumer’s experience can make or break brand loyalty, this case exemplifies the power of innovative thinking and strategic partnerships in crafting compelling brand narratives that resonate deeply with consumers. As we look to the future, such insights will continue to be invaluable for brands striving to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

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