Alexandria Flores

Alexandria is the Content Writer at Wiser Solutions, a retail analytics provider with an emphasis on data quality, data accuracy, and holistic in-store and online solutions. She holds a BA in Writing from The University of North Texas.

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Price Management

How Pricing Mistakes Could Be Hurting Your Profits

Pricing strategy is one of the hottest topics in the retail world, and rightly so. Having the right strategy keeps

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Consumer Experience

How to Influence the Customer Path to Purchase

The customer path to purchase is very rarely straightforward. Shoppers go through many twists and turns as they decide which

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Data Quality

How to Get the Most Out of Your In-Store Data

In the world of retail, actionable data collection and analysis are essential to making logical, evidence-based decisions that could improve

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Retail Execution

Keeping Field Team Reps Invested in Company Success

Keeping your field teams invested is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your brand. After all,

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