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Super Bowl LIII: Battle of the In-Store Displays

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To say that Super Bowl activities have become bigger than the game itself is an understatement. In 2019, NRF found that consumers were planning to spend $14.8 billion for Super Bowl Sunday, which is an average of $81 per adult. But, what are brands doing to capitalize on the biggest game of the year inside stores? Wiser surveyed over 500 pre-Super Bowl shoppers in California and New England to see which brand displays made the most noise this year.

Super Bowl Displays According to Shoppers

Shoppers have come to expect that top brands will put in the big bucks to make an impact on those game-time shopping decisions. After all, 85 percent of survey respondents said they are more likely to buy something off of a display. Of those, 87 percent were men and 82 percent are women. Diving deeper, Generation Z was 100 percent more likely to make the purchase from a display, while 91 percent of Millennials and 81 percent of Generation X shoppers were drawn to purchase from a display.

Super Bowl Grocery Display

This year, 82 percent of shoppers reported that chip companies dominated in-store displays, beating out other top products like soda, beer, and desserts. Lay’s chips held the most prominent displays according to 53 percent of participants, followed closely by Tostitos (52 percent) and Doritos (51 percent). When you think of snacks, it’s hard not to immediately follow up with beverages, but this year’s shoppers found big soda brands such as Coca-Cola and Sprite left room for improvement with their in-store displays.

The most notable displays included well-organized products with tall and distinct field goal post replicas.

The Super Bowl must end with a winner and a loser and shopping displays are no different. According to our survey, the most notable displays included well-organized products with tall and distinct field goal post replicas, such as the Lay’s display. The least appealing brands included smaller and less eye-catching displays, like Coca-Cola.

Super Bowl Grocery Display

Super Bowl LIII is over, but brands have another year to perfect their game strategy. Football fans or not, it’s an easy bet that consumers still enjoy a timely and festive in-store display.

Wiser can help manage in-store merchandising tactics while using insightful data to show its full impact on consumer purchasing decisions. Connect with us today and learn how you can win next year’s Super Bowl shopping season.

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