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What the Best Brand Protection Software Can Do for You

Brand protection can be a bit of a catch-all term, with the definition depending on who you’ve asked. We like to say that brand protection is the process of protecting your intellectual property from a variety of risks, including counterfeits, copyright infringement, inconsistent branding, and inaccurate prices.

In general, there are many different risks facing your brand—how people represent your brand online, from the logos to the colors and messaging—to how resellers price your products or whether or not they adhere to your minimum advertised price policies.

The bottom line is that you might need some help managing all this. With that in mind, here is what the best brand protection software can do for you.

It Does What You Need It To

OK, again with the catch-all. But honestly, this is very important given that broad definition of “brand protection.” The right software will address the unique needs for your business. That could be anti-phishing, the above-mentioned counterfeits, MAP monitoring, case management—the list goes on. Make sure your chosen solution provider is well-versed in the areas you want.

Brand protection is the process of protecting your intellectual property from a variety of risks, including counterfeits, copyright infringement, inconsistent branding, and inaccurate prices.

It’s Easy to Use and Intuitive

A good brand protection tool must be something you can dive right into and easily understand what’s going on. When it comes to your brand, the odds say you have a lot of people within your company who want eyes on it, from marketing to sales, product, and pricing teams. As a result, the tool has to be easy to use, so you don’t have to train new people on it every time you want to review something.

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It Has Good Data Visualizations

On a related note, your chosen platform should provide high-quality data visualizations and business intelligence. These will go a long way toward making the data easy to digest, especially for executive teams. For example, our MAP monitoring tool helps you visualize violation count by status (open, pending, resolved, or flagged) as well as violation graph history, top violators by product, and top violators by vendors.

It Prioritizes the Top Offenders

It’s all about protection, right? That goal gets a lot harder if you can’t prioritize your actions. That’s why we recommend that good brand protection software makes it really easy to identify the top offenders and prioritize your resolution or compliance efforts. This could be in the form of top MAP violators in a handy chart, like we mentioned above, or heat maps, exportable reports, and other tools.

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It Speeds Up Enforcement

What’s the end goal of your brand protection efforts? Enforcement. You need fewer counterfeiters, fewer MAP violations, less overall brand abuse or infringement. So it’s a no-brainer that the solution you choose can speed up enforcement. What does this look like in action? For us, our MAP tool can create multiple MAP violation email templates, allows you to attach your MAP policy with a few clicks, and simplifies sending out email communications to violators. This cuts out all that manual time spent drafting emails and gathering all the evidence before sending it out.

It Comes With Customer Support and Expert Advice

The solution you choose to protect your brand shouldn’t be set-it-and-forget-it. The right tool will come with excellent customer support and expert guidance, with teams to help you out along the way. For instance, you want a person or people to bounce ideas off of, learn about new ways to use the software, or consult on enforcement strategies. Even the best software needs a little human touch to get the most out of it.

So then, what can the best brand protection software do for you? Exactly what you need—once you define what brand protection means for your company, what your biggest risks are, and who will be involved in the protection efforts moving forward.

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