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5 advanced methods to improve shopping experience

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Managing an online store isn’t a piece of cake: it’s not enough just to build a Magento store and add some products to it. Personal touch and positive user experience are the things that matter. In today’s eCommerce atmosphere, rival customers want to feel as cozy in your online store as they do on their favorite couch and you better try hard to make this true. Check out our tips on how to improve the shopping experience of your customers like a PRO.

Tip #1 Make your cart convenient

The shopping cart can be rightfully called the most important element of the store. This is the place where products are chosen and eventually bought, so you definitely want your shopping cart to be modern and handy. Use special Magento extensions to turn a regular default shopping cart into a stylish purchase helper. For example, AJAX Shopping Cart by Amasty provides your customers with a floating cart window when their mouse is hovering over the cart. Besides, this extension lets one add products to the cart right from the category page, which saves plenty of time and makes your customers even happier.

Tip #2 Go mobile

Mobile commerce has become a huge trend in recent years. People say that in 2014 there will be more mobile devices in the world than people. These numbers suggest that there’s a high probability that your customers would love to browse through your online store using their smartphones. Be ready and make sure your mobile version looks just as neat and nice as your desktop one.

Tip #3 Suggest related products

Trust us, customers love to be given advice on what goes best with a chosen product. A related products section is a great chance not only to increase conversions, but also to show your customers that you care about them by suggesting what pants go best with the chosen top or what cushions would suit the added sofa. If you want to influence the buying decision even more, add a related products section right to the cart dialog (you can do this with the above mentioned AJAX Shopping Cart by Amasty). No one can resist the temptation of easily adding some complementary products when they are already at the end of the purchase procedure.

Tip #4 Provide a pre-order option

Pre-order is a real treasure for any online store owner. First and foremost, it magically turns a discontent user who can’t find a product he needs, into a loyal one, waiting for his item to be back in stock. Secondly, this lets you know the demand for the new goods even before ordering them. And thirdly, pre-order helps you to balance your marketing by spreading your budget evenly. Win your customers even before you have the goods to offer them by adding a pre-order option.

Tip #5 Don’t ignore negative reviews

If your website has reviews, great attention should be paid to properly handling them. Don’t ignore or even delete negative reviews, since they not only show that the reviews placed at your store are real, but also provide you with some useful insights about the problems of your business. They give you information you wouldn’t receive from any other place. Besides, proper handling of negative reviews might help you to turn a dissatisfied customer into a returning one. Solve his problem, offer a discount or at least your apologies. A personal touch can melt the heart of even the strictest buyer and can show him your store in a new light.


About Amasty:

Amasty Company is a Magento extensions developer, which works hard to deliver the best products and customer experience. Amasty Team includes 5 certified Magento developers as well as a wide range of other professionals with high level of expertise. Our main focus lies in producing efficient Magento extensions and providing high quality Magento customization services.

Working since 2009 we are proud to announce, that we have produced 80+ Magento extensions and have helped to improve more than 40,000 Magento stores from every corner of the world.

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  • pauls May 29, 2015

    To improve the customer shopping experience, it’s better to have an Ajax based shopping cart. Customers can add, delete products from cart and can browse for more products without refreshing the webpage.
    Also check this Ajax Add to Cart extension –

  • Jared August 24, 2016

    There are also efficient tools to improve customer shopping experience like Social login pro for Magento by Plumrocket and Size Chart extension for Magento by Plumrocket. These guys are really into their work. They have also great support by the way

  • James Dexter December 4, 2016

    There have been a lot of changes since this article was written. Now we have even more methods to improve the customer shopping experience, including easy login with Social Login and Share. However, the most important factor is when customers stop at the checkout, where payment is involved. Customers are now buying from all over the world, and lack of a payment method may stop them right before make their purchase. Magenest has now provided integration with Sage Payment, Stripe Payment and soon will be releasing various other payment gateways for customers to shop with increased ease and convenience. Check out our magento 2 payment extensions to see what payment gateway you need.

  • Anna Victoria October 25, 2017

    Great tips.
    Check out Who Viewed This Also Viewed Magento 2 Extension also.
    Customers can make purchase decision easy by displaying who viewed this product, also viewed these products. It will help you to increase your product sales immediately.

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