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An Insider’s View of In-Store Performance Metrics with Private Crowd

What makes a retail location successful is largely based on choice. Where is it located? What products does it carry? Who is the store’s target market? The same is true for retailers and brands that choose to use in-store performance metrics to improve their offerings. There is a time and a place for getting general feedback on store conditions and sentiment, but getting that information from a curated group of people can be a useful supplement. This method can be better than a public crowd who may have a shorter attention span or be unable to answer more complex questions about your store. 

Introducing Wiser’s Private Crowd 

All store operators and brands need access to actionable in-store KPIs. They need to know if their displays are effective, if stock levels are appropriate, and if product training is working. In order to get the answers they need from specific groups of customers or employees, retailers and brands need to choose their group of data collectors.  

Wiser makes this possible with Private Crowd. It empowers retailers and brands to hand pick the group that will be able to fire up the Mobee App (which is an iOS and Android app that allows brands, retailers, and restaurants to gather crowdsourced in-store data) and collect in-store performance metrics.  

The idea behind Private Crowd is to tap into the knowledge and expertise of the people who know your brand and products best. Employees are a store’s greatest asset. They know the products inside and out, they can make expert recommendations, and upsells are second nature. On the other end of the spectrum, your most loyal customers have a treasure trove of opinions about your store layouts, ideas for overall improvement, and more. Why not ask those who are most invested in your business to provide crucial and actionable data that can take your business to the next level? 

There are three overarching use cases for Private Crowd. Let’s go over each of them, complete with examples.  

Three Main Uses of In-Store Performance Metrics  

1. Monitor Display Compliance 

Function: Uncover compliance issues before they impact sales by monitoring promotional displays, end caps, floor stands, and more. In addition, maximize the efficiency of each store visit by capturing performance indicators while on site. 

Use case: A consumer electronics brand has launched a new product nationwide and futuristic displays to go along with them. They’ve spent millions on planning and executing these displays, but are they live in all stores? To avoid the cost of sending merchandisers into all retail locations to check up on each and every display, this electronics brand harnesses the power of its store associates. At a fraction of the cost, they work with Wiser to create a campaign around both getting photo evidence of the state of displays and also test employee knowledge of the new product at the same time.  

When it comes to both retailers and brands, they want to make sure that their merchandising is up to date. Retailers have a merchandising plan with seasonal refreshes, fixtures, and planograms to abide by. Instead of sending costly field agents in to monitor every store, associates can do the leg work by providing proof of merchandising changes with before and after photos uploaded to the Mobee App.  

2. Improve Shelf Health  

Function: Understand how placement and adjacencies affect your product perception and sales by capturing stock levels, planogram compliance, facing counts, and other key on-shelf indicators. 

Use case: Shoppers that come into your store often have an agenda. They plan to buy toothpaste or a new t-shirt, but if the item they are looking for is out-of-stock, then that sale is more than likely lost. To prevent this from happening, a superstore can enlist Wiser to work with employees to check on the availability of the store’s top 10 selling products. Your employees should already know where each product is in the store so this process of collecting shelf health data will provide fast and easy in-store performance metrics. It’s like running a focus group at scale. You can get a large quantity of data from stores across the country without ever leaving your desk at headquarters.  

3. Gauge Customer Sentiment 

Function: Capture sentiment with less effort from a loyalty group that’s already familiar with your brand or stores. 

Use case: A major drugstore chain has seen explosive growth of their loyalty program in the past year. These members make up 60 percent of all sales and this number is only increasing. The drugstore chain wants to know what these lucrative customers think of their new store layout that they’ve previewed in a few major markets before doing a full, nationwide rollout. This drugstore is able to put Wiser to work for them so that they can only invite their loyalty program members in the markets with updated stores to take a survey about what they think of them using the Mobee App. 

Closing Thoughts 

Making use of your own Private Crowd with Wiser delivers these in-store performance metrics into an interactive web dashboard so that brands and retailers can easily log on and see what their top customers and employees had to say and what they saw in-store. Instead of having to wait weeks or months to see the results of a paper evaluation, the process is automated and efficient. And even after reviewing the data, if a wider scope is necessary to get the insights the brand or retailer wants, then they can always supplement the data they’ve gathered thus far with publicly crowdsourced mystery shopping data.  

Want to learn more about Wiser’s Private Crowd? Read our brief brochure that explains how to get the most out of in-store performance metrics here.

Angelica Valentine

Angelica Valentine is a Marketing Consultant with several years of expertise in the retail sector. Her work has appeared on VentureBeat, Business Insider, SAP, and more. She holds a BA from Barnard College of Columbia University.

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