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New Report: The State of the Outdoor Retailer Industry 2018

How can you better position your brand for success in the outdoor retail industry? One solution is through actionable insights into your space that are current, customizable, and accurate. To help achieve these goals, Wiser has put together a new report on the state of the outdoor retailer industry in 2018.

This report includes topics such as:

  • Best-selling products
  • Leading outdoor brands
  • Shopper sentiment
  • And more!

Wiser’s shoppers visited 100 of the top independent outdoor retailers nationwide. A snapshot of the data they provided covers:

  • Prominent brands such as The North Face, ENO, and Hobie
  • Nearly all brands had footwear, apparel, and backpack and luggage departments
  • In 52.2 percent of stores, apparel took up over 30 percent of the store
  • Shoppers felt that just 56.3 percent of retailers had a variety of products

To see the rest of our findings, download your free copy of The State of the Outdoor Retailer Industry in 2018 today!

Matt Ellsworth

Matt is the Sr. Manager, Marketing & Demand at Wiser, the leading provider of actionable data for better decisions.

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