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[Webinar] Wiser Scorecards & Actionable Insights for Your Business 

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On Nov. 15, Wiser hosted its webinar on how businesses can turn in-store data into action. The webinar, titled “Performance at Scale: Wiser Scorecards & Actionable Insights for Your Business,” was hosted by Director of Product Management Tom Vieira and VP of Operations Devon Kelly. 

Missed out (or looking for a refresher on what you heard)? We’ve got you covered! You can view your recording of the webinar or continue to read some of the key takeaways that we discussed. 

You Don’t Always See What You Expect 

At the core of many in-store issues for brands, retailers, and others is the fact that you don’t always see what you want to see.  

For example, you’re a CPG brand with distribution in national and regional grocers. You have established in-store displays and planograms for your products—you know how you want your brand represented on shelves. However, there are a lot of moving parts between you and the shopper. Your distributor could be a weak link, or the grocery store associates. The bottom line is you walk into a store and see your products are not displayed properly.  

You don’t always see what you want. 

 Out of stock shelves at KMart

How to Improve In-Store Compliance & Store Ops 

That leads us to the next phase, which we discussed in further detail throughout the webinar. What to do once you uncover problems in-store? 

You need to identify where the breakdown occurred. It could be in merchandising. Perhaps it was with store associates and operations. Or, it could be something else along the way. The solution is to get eyes and ears into as many stores as possible to bring you accurate, actionable data. 

Wiser uses a network of smartphone-enabled shoppers to affordably do this at scale. We have over 600,000 shoppers in our network and can mobilize them quickly to answer specific questions relevant to your business. Then, the data is validated by our in-house team to ensure accuracy and viability.  

How does look in practice? We sent our shoppers into stores to help GoPro locate merchandising concerns such as missing acrylic boxes, broken TVs, and burnt-out display lights. Correlating compliance to sales data, GoPro uncovered as much as $40 million-plus in revenue opportunities by enforcing display and merchandising compliance. Once presented with the data, GoPro could prioritize resolution efforts and begin to enforce a culture of compliance. 

Wiser and GoPro uncovered as much as $40 MM revenue opportunity in-store.

Introducing Wiser Scorecards 

The other core component of our webinar was Wiser Scorecards. This new solution available to Wiser customers provides another piece of the compliance puzzle.  

What that piece is depends on your business. Our customers have used Scorecards to: 

  • Benchmark distributors against each other 
  • Score divisions, regions, districts, and stores 
  • Provide data to talk to retailers about in-store conditions 
  • Score territories against each other 
  • Visualize OSA and merchandising compliance across individual stores 
  • And more! 

Put simply, Scorecards are concise, visual PDF reports that represent shopper data for easy review. A Scorecard provides a quick snapshot of who is compliant and who isn’t. Therefore, you can focus your enforcement efforts where needed and prioritize corrective actions.  

 Store Operations Scorecard

Increase Customer Satisfaction In-Store 

At the end of the day, improved in-store compliance and store operations will help drive more sales and increase customer satisfaction. This is great for both your bottom line and your shoppers’ happiness.  

We talked about these issues, and others, in more detail on the webinar. Plus, we answered a few questions from fellow brands, retailers, and QSRs! Watch your recording of the webinar today to learn more. Or, get in touch with Wiser’s in-store experts to talk about custom solutions for your business. 

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Better decisions can only come from better data.

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